Back Porch Suppers


Take the celebratory vibrations of Sunday brunch and the comfort food of Sunday dinner, mix them up with the welcoming warmth of grandmother’s kitchen, distill those special elements into one gathering, and the result is a Back Porch Supper. 

What originated as a compromise among friends - some prefer to convene over a campfire, chowing down on dinner carried in on their backs; others (like me) prefer their dining experience (be it fine, or otherwise) insect-free and within close proximity to indoor plumbing.

Nestled on the backside of our 1/4 acre homestead, with a variety of mature trees insulating against the sound of suburban traffic, the back porch offers a gathering space that is alternately a sanctuary, studio, game room, theatre, or… straight up dining room.

With the arrival of the Pandemic of 2020, compromise became a necessity in order to socialize in the safest possible manner.

The Back Porch Supper was born. Maintaining an intimate feel with single-digit guest lists to indulge in engaging conversation and my love for cooking (or catering from excellent local purveyors), these gatherings became a staple for friends old and new. 

Back Porch Suppers - Sunday Dinner any day of the week.