About Toni's Table


Hello and welcome to my newly refurbished website; I’m so glad you are here!

With seemingly infinite sites to draw your attention away from whatever task you intend to handle at the moment, I hope the purpose, energy and content offered here in my little corner of the interweb makes this detour worthwhile for you.

What this is.

Just like building a sumptuous stew or robust red sauce, we’re gonna take our time with tonistable.com, adding the ingredients only when they reach peak ripeness, tasting along the way, making adjustments as needed. My eventual goal is to facilitate gatherings where people come together and find common ground over a communal meal.  In the meantime, take a look around and enjoy the stories about food, people, food & people and many other aspects of life. 

When the weather cooperates, join me for Back Porch Suppers. Check out my fledgling YouTube channel. 

If you or a loved one is in DC or LA order a Courageous Carrot Cake™ for yourself.  

I am a former caterer, forever baker, recently published writer, and fairly new empty-nester, who lives for the thrill of connecting with all kinds of folks - especially over a meal - ready to start the next chapter of my life as I split time between LA and Maryland. As a Black woman, born in Italy, who converted to Judaism, my relationship with Father Time is a bit dysfunctional, to say the least. Running late is practically a second religion from which I hope to stray - for now, it’s just part of my charm.

Cooking, Connecting and Writing are my holy trifecta followed closely by travel, museums and music.  However the order of that hierarchy is quite fluid and subject to change depending on the situation and my state of mind.

This represents just the tip of my iceberg.  I look forward to learning more about each other through my blog, T-Notes and the comments I hope you’ll share.  

Why Toni’s Table?

To borrow the talmudic sage, Hillel:

Food and Connection - Everything else is commentary. 

Nourishing ourSelves physically with food, emotionally via interacting with others, intellectually by learning new skills, and spiritually - in any number of ways - are the vital keys to a healthy life and healthy community.  

Coming together in a communal dining experience, bringing our highest selves to the table, we create the opportunity to develop on numerous fronts, in a most delicious manner. That is why: To learn, grow, connect, and, of course, eat.

Got a question about Toni's Table?

Want to gab about good food, surprisingly good restaurant towns (I'm lookin' at you, Syracuse NY!), or creating common ground at the dinner table??